Blizzard working from home – New Diablo IV art

Everyone should be self-isolating now as the Coronavirus spreads and Blizzard is no exception. The Diablo IV team posted a quick update to say they were still working hard on the game despite the current situation. While this is not really news, we do have a new piece of concept art.

The new art which appeared with the Tweet shows a sacrificial altar and behind what appears to be the three prime evils, Diablo, Mephisto, and Baal. While we know Lilith has been shown as Diablo IV’s main antagonist, could this image of the three brothers indicate they could make an appearance in Diablo IV?

The imagery also shows the same symbols we saw in the introduction trailer when Lilith was summoned so there is a tie-in with this image and that same ritual. Take a look…

Diablo 4 Art


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