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Blizzard Adding Extra Diablo 4 Beta Test? Post Suggests it

A post from Blizzard suggest they may want to do some extra testing ahead of launch.

Diablo 4 beta

Tomorrow there’s a developer live stream and there’s been some Twitter banter from Rod Fergusson regarding a “special announcement” this week. More Diablo 4 Beta testing perhaps?

So what is this announcement? Well, it looks like they may announce another round of testing if this tweet is anything to go by.

Blizzard received a decent amount of feedback from the first two weekends and they could be looking for more. Perhaps they will open the game up a bit to test some of the endgame? We have no idea right now but the live stream tomorrow should give us some answers.

I am assuming nobody is opposed to another weekend of testing prior to launch? Another test would be great news as we do want MOAR! Stay tuned!

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May 12th through May 14th!

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Woot - looking forward to trying a WW Druid this time ..

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