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The New Diablo Wallpaper Watch #1: Oh Where to Start?

TNWW2021 01
Welcome one and all to The New Diablo Wallpaper Watch. To start this series off I’ll be showcasing some of my wallpapers as well as a few from throughout the community.

Don’t worry you’ll have PLENTY of choices in wallpapers to adorn your Desktop, Tablet & Phone. Trust me there are over 100+ this year with almost that many ready to be made and posted.

The Wallpaper Artists here are Aerisot, DragonianFantasy, RovasArt, Deventh, ROCKETEER, and Myself

Lilith Diablo IV Classes
Lilith Lilith

The Dark Wanderer Fiery Runes: Resurrected
Lilith Lilith: Quarterly Update June 2021
Season 24: Ethereal Memory King Kanai's Throne Room
Lost Wall: Silver City Brawl HotS Diablo: The Lord of Terror 2.0 A Farewell
In Loving Memory - to Momma For the #ActBlizzWalkout 2021

If you want to see more of the 100’s of wallpapers in the gallery check them here – Wallpaper Galleries: Diablo II, Diablo II Resurrected, Diablo III, and Diablo IV.

If you’re feeling artsy and want to share your work. You can check out the Fan Creations Forum and you can also post your work on the Media Gallery.  If you have any issues check with the How to Gallery Guide and any other fan creation-related stuff you can contact me via the DM here or on twitter @holyknight3000.

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