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The Graphics of Diablo 4

The Graphics of Diablo 4

A new update from the devs called Peeling Back the Varnish: The Graphics of Diablo 4 has been posted,.

In this new update, the team behind the visuals which includes Keven Cantin, principal software engineers John Buckley and Kevin Todisco, lead technical artist Aaron Aikman, and senior software engineer Samuel Delmont, take a closer look at the more technical side of the visuals.

It’s a great read if you’re a budding designer wanting to know what drives the Diablo 4 vision and how it’s all been put together. Topics include shadows/lighting, character close-ups, HDR, technical art, and scalability.

The good news is the work is not done and we can expect more new features and enhancements now the game has launched for everyone.

Give the article a read here.

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