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The Grandfather finally drops as the latest rare unique find

Those elusive items really are out there as another drops.

We know there are some super rare uniques out there and they are slowly but surely starting to surface for players. The Grandfather is the latest to make an appearance.

The drop has happened in China as reported on Reddit this evening:

Grandfather dropped
by u/Icy-Heat7531 in diablo4

You are probably wondering where this dropped. Well, apparently it was from a Helltide event chest.

It’s not the first of these rare uniques to surface that we know about. We know of two Andarial’s Visage drops now, one in China and one in Poland (see it in action), and a Harlequin Crest has also dropped so far.

Of course, these are only the ones we know about, there could be more out there on players that have just not shouted about it. Still, these things are rare and players are still trying to hunt these down.

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