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The Diablo 4 Released Edition – Diablo Podcast / Vidcast Ep32

We are back to talk about everything now the game has fully launched.


It’s been out over a week and we’re all playing it and this is the first Diablo Podcast / Vidcast where we really sit down and take a look at the final product.

This episode is a little delayed thanks to coming down with some pretty lethal hay fever stalled editing. Apologies for that but we are now good to go!

Watch the Diablo Podcast/Vidcast

Running Order

00:00:00 Marketing, progress report on play time and progression.
00:10:00 First 48 hours with Diablo 4. What was it like?
00:24:58 Story reaction – No spoilers
00:32:21 The Waypoint
00:36:41 Hardcore and that elixer
00:39:23 Gameplay and class choices
00:55:20 The endgame loop
01:16:10 The future of Diablo 4
01:17:40 Some simple gripes and suggestions



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