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Story and Game Analysis Part 1 – Diablo Podcast / Vidcast Ep34

There’s so much to talk about we’ve split this episode into two parts. Part 1 gets the ball rolling as the team discuss the latest updates and the story.

The Diablo Podcast Site-Part-1

This week’s Diablo Podcast / Vidcast is a biggie as the team sits down to discuss the game currently and the story.

We’ve split this into two parts as it runs well over two hours, HCXanth, Neinball, and MacroBioBoi have a lot to say about the game now it’s been out nearly a month. Part 2 will follow shortly.

Watch the Diablo Vidcast

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Part 1 Running Order

00:00:00 Introductions
03:07:00 Recent play focus
09:10:00 Big Patch thoughts
00:19:00 Season 1 Talk
00:24:07 The Diablo 4 story discussion.

Listen to the Diablo Podcast

Also available on iTunes or Spotify

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