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Seasonal Renown Reset. This is what’s happening

A detailed look at carry over bonuses for Season 1.

Starting over

Campfire ChatThe Diablo 4 Campfire Chat on June 16th covered a great deal of information on a long list of changes that are planned for the game over the coming weeks and months. Included in that stream was some news about Season 1, which is expected to launch no later than July 25th. One item that got a lot of attention was the fact that players would be starting off the Season with a new Level 1 character. Although this was no surprise to “seasoned” Diablo fans, it did rattle some players who are new to the franchise. In fact, many of them expressed concern about the practicality of having to level up a new character all over again. Part of Blizzard’s response to this feedback has been to make some adjustments to what will carry over from the Eternal Realm into the Seasonal Realm.

Where we began

We already knew that players would need to complete the campaign and reach Level 50 on at least one character in order to unlock the full Seasonal game. We also learned from the developer update on April 20th that the stat bonuses from all unlocked Altars of Lilith would carry over. This meant that, basically speaking, the main reason for finding the altars again during Season would be for the Renown, which could also be sufficiently gained through several other activities. However, further modifications have been planned since that April update, which are discussed in more detail below.

Where we are now

Altar of Lilith 001The developers recently addressed the issue of Seasonal Renown reset more thoroughly. It’s now been revealed that the Renown from certain activities, including unlocking Altars of Lilith, discovering areas of the map, and activating waypoints, will carry over into the Seasonal Realm. The Renown from other activities, such as side dungeons, side quests, and strongholds, will not carry over. We also learned that all areas on the map that have already been discovered in the Eternal Realm will remain discovered when the Season starts. However, there’s still more to the story than just Renown, so let’s have a look at each item in turn.

The nitty gritty

With regard to the Altars of Lilith, it turns out that all of the bonuses unlocked in the Eternal Realm will carry over. This means that, in addition to the stat points and Renown, the gains to Paragon points and Obol capacity will also carry over. So, players could potentially start their first season with a total of 68 points added to each Main Stat, 1450 Renown points, four Paragon points, and a +100 Obol capacity, assuming they’ve already unlocked all of the altars. In other words, it’s now been made clear that there’s no reason whatsoever for players to find any Altars of Lilith again once they have already been found in the Eternal Realm.

RenownAs was mentioned previously, the Renown from activated waypoints will also carry over. However, this may not include waypoints from rescued Strongholds, because that activity will have to be repeated. It’s also true that, even though the Renown will carry over, any waypoints that were already activated will still appear on the map, but they will need to be reactivated in Season.

The matter of discovered areas on the map seems to be the most straightforward, except for Stronghold areas, which may need to be re-discovered when that activity is repeated.

Putting it all together

So, what exactly is the Seasonal payoff for all this. To put it simply, the more Renown you carry with you from the Eternal Realm into the Seasonal Realm will translate into more roster rewards for your characters at the start of the Season. That carries with it not only the additional stat points, Paragon points, and Obol capacity from the altars, but also five additional skill points and potion charges right off the bat from Renown. Each region requires a total of 500 Renown points to unlock the Tier 1 and 2 rewards. The table below provides a breakdown by region of the maximum potential for the carry over of Renown points, excluding Strongholds.

RegionFractured PeaksScosglenHawezarDry SteppesKehjistan
Altars of Lilith (10 Points)25 = 25031 = 31031 = 31030 = 30028 = 280
Discovered Areas (5 Points)74 = 37067 = 33553 = 26548 = 24051 = 255
Waypoints (20 Points)6 = 1207 = 1405 = 1006 = 1205 = 100
Total Points740785675660635

The table above illustrates the fact that, even if you completely discount the Renown from Strongholds, there is still ample carry over to automatically unlock the Tier 1 and 2 rewards for each region. So, it’s quite apparent that completing as many of these Renown activites as possible in advance will put you in a better position at the start of the Season. That would mean, first and foremost, to unlock all of the Altars of Lilith. If you’re not sure where to find them, we strongly recommend referring to the Interactive Map right here on PureDiablo. Although activating waypoints is pretty much a done deal already for most players, you would still want to discover every inch of the map as well, if possible. Do keep in mind, however, that any Renown-related activities that are not accomplished prior to the start of Season 1 can be completed during the Season just as well. Nevertheless, getting it done now will probably save you some time later by improving the efficiency of leveling up your first Seasonal character.


HOTFIX 1The start of Season 1 is still a few weeks away. This means, of course, that more changes could be made to the game between now and then, so please keep that in mind. Do also keep an eye on the news feed here at PureDiablo so you have all of the most up-to-date information you need to get your Season off to a good start.

If you believe that any of the information shared above is inaccurate in any way, please let us know in the comments section below, along with a reference to the correct information, so we can update this document accordingly.


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