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Watch the Rod Ferguson E3 Interview – Diablo 4 Blog Soon

Rod Ferguson E3 InterviewAs part of yesterday’s E3 coverage, Rod Ferguson sat down with Geoff to discuss the current situation with the Diablo franchise.

Rod also mentioned that the next Diablo 4 developer blog will be coming at the end of June discussing characters and character arc.

Rod adds that “Diablo 2 is an important game to Blizzard, and set the standard for pretty much any ARPG you play today. We felt that this was a  good step in to reignite that core audience and core fan and pay homage to that classic that is D2”.

On the cinematics, Rod says, “We felt we had to create it but we wanted it to feel super modern and bring that fidelity with what you can do with CG in the video. We take what is there and recreate it in a modern way”.

This interview was hard to find the hours and hours of recording so the video below will jump you right to the correct timestamp.



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