Revisiting Diablo 1 Playthrough Part 8 – Diablo Goes Down

Well, here we are, folks. The final episode our Diablo 1 playthrough. Lazarus has been vanquished and there’s only one more challenge and that’s Diablo himself. We’ve endured the catacombs, the caves, and now hell itself. We’ve made stupid mistakes, we’ve sworn at the game and each other, and we’ve rejoiced at finding great loot. Now it’s time for the final showdown.

Elly and I started this playthrough series to remind ourselves just how good the first game was for its time. It’s amazing how 20 years later you forget what a milestone Diablo was for PC gaming. Although it may feel a little simplistic compared to modern games, Blizzard North did an outstanding job with this game.

What was so great to rediscover was that players had to make tough choices. Where to place points, what gear to grab or ditch, or even when to progress deeper. The first game really did set a great foundation for the second game. Diablo 2 would never have been as great a game as it still is without all these basics being so solid. Diablo is limited and has its issues, but playing it again twenty years later, it still stands up even by modern standards.

The Final Diablo Showdown

We hope you have all taken some time to watch this series, even if it was just some parts of it.  It’s been a lot of fun to do and it’s really helped both Elly and I back into the Diablo groove. With Diablo 4 supposedly going to be a darker more brooding game, replaying this should help everyone understand where the next game should be heading. Plenty of gore, fewer rainbows, and of course pentagrams. Let’s have lots of pentagrams, please.

Finally, don’t forget, give us a sub on Youtube while we build the channel out. Without further ado, here’s our final part. How did we manage against the big red guy? Watch and find out…

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  1. Jugalator

    Great work! So much pain to wade through in this game, haha! I was worried Elly’s bow would unexpectedly break again during the Diablo battle. 😀

    1. Rush

      Yeh, Elly kept forgetting to get me to repair and it always happens in the heat of battle. Still, be got through it with some serious mouse clicking :p

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