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Revisiting Diablo 1 Playthrough Part 7 – Welcome to Hell

We’re getting close to taking down the big guy but there’s still the tricky job of dealing with Lazarus. In this part of our complete Diablo 1 playthrough, Elly and I finally reach hell where things are getting heated.

Things are hotting up in hell and when we finally reached it we were a little better equipped to deal with things. Despite that, there was one error Elly didn’t spot and that was the durability on her “best bow”. Trying to kick the enemy to death doesn’t really cut it in hell. Anger, frustration and a torrent of bad language was the order of the day. Watch out for that in this latest video.

This is the penultimate episode of our complete playthrough and after this, it’s just a matter of taking down the big guy so stay tuned for that. For now though, Lazarus awaits. Don’t forget to hit that subscribe button on the Youtube channel.

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