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Ray Tracing Coming to Diablo 4 this March

Make Diablo 4 look even more awesome when this launches in a couple of months.

Ray Tracing Coming to Diablo 4 this March

CES in Vegas is now underway and there’s some news from Nvidia revealing that Ray tracing is coming to Diablo 4 in March.

Nvidia released their presentation video which includes a segment on Diablo 4 showing footage with RTX turned on. With DLSS3 and RTX on they are claiming players should be hitting around 140+ FPS which is quite a boost.

Having messed around quite a bit with RTX in games such as Cyberpunk, my lowly 2070s has not been the best card to test it on but there is some improvement in the visuals. If you have a beefier card you should be able to enjoy the improvements.

As well as this slice of news, Nvidia also announced three new RTX 40 Super series cards which means you will of course want to upgrade 🙂

Watch the Diablo 4 Ray Tracing Segment


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