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PTR Patch notes expected later this week

PTR Patch notes expected this week

It’s Tuesday and we usually see patch notes drop today so where are those PTR patch notes?

We know these will be massive and we know Blizzard needed more time to get these written up so when can we expect them? According to CM Adam Fletcher, we are expecting them this week and hopefully on Thursday.

Aiming for Thursday. It will be a blog explaining the details we talked about on stream and patch notes below it.

I should note these are PTR notes and not Season 4 notes so there will be more later

With these patch notes, there will be a lot missing when it comes to the full Season 4 notes, but at least we’ll get a taste of what’s on the PTR.

We still have no idea about the Season 4 theme and expect some sort of campfire chat soon to lay it all out. It’s not like we don’t already have a lot to think about following all the recent change reveals.

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