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Introducing PureEldenRing for Elden Ring fans


Elden Ring

Some PureDMG news to share with you this week. As many of you know we started the PureDMG journey with PureCyberpunk around the same time as PureDiablo well over a year ago. These were both games Elly and I were playing at the time, and well, Diablo is such an important part of our gaming journey that started well over 2 decades ago so we simply had to come back to the Diablo community.

The PureDMG project has organically expanded over time and we’re keen to keep providing game info for titles we will be playing or interested in playing in the future. That’s our criteria, we have to love what we play and go all-in.

With that in mind, this week we launched PureEldenRing for FromSoftware’s upcoming Souls-like RPG sequel which is due out at the end of February.

Now you may be thinking, how do you find the time to do all this? That’s exactly what we thought, but as with all our sites, the community plays such a vital part in how they evolve. Within our community, we found Nickname (Scott) who is a massive Souls/Bloodborne fan and he wanted to take on the challenge of leading PureEldenRing.

Elly and I have been working with Scott to get the site operational and now it’s finally live. While there’s still a lot of unknown information about Elden Ring, there’s a lot we do know which has now all been added to the new site.

If you love what we do here on PureDiablo and are also heading into The Lands Between in Elden Ring, then do drop over check it out. Also, note. If you have a PureDiablo forum account, it’s the same account on PureEldenRing.

Here ends this PSA 🙂

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