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Gauntlet Leaderboards Launch Date

Gauntlet Leaderboards Launch Date

Some news this morning on the launch date for The Gauntlet which players have been eagerly waiting for.

On the Xbox Podcast Rod Fergusson talked about Season 3 and mentioned that The Gauntlet leaderboards will launch on 13 February.

“One of the big things for us for season 3 was something we’ve been wanting to do since launch, which is leaderboards. You know it’s something that’s not there today but on February 13th we’re going to be updating the game and we’re going to be releasing this feature called the gauntlet.”

Players are keen to get even more out of the endgame and have something to challenge them further every week. So, if you need a reminder on how these work, The Gauntlet will consist of non-linear, time-limited dungeons with leaderboards with weekly resets. You can read more about The Gauntlet.

Watch the interview with Rod in the podcast below which oddly enough was not spotted until now.

Thanks to Dirty on our Discord for the tip.

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