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Kanai’s Cube Guide

There is no Hordric Cube (Diablo 2) in Diablo 3 but there is Kanai’s Cube which was named after former Blizzard artist Kevin Kanai Griffin who passed in 2014.

Kanai’s Cube was added in patch 2.3 and gives players the ability to convert and break down Legendary items to gain bonuses. This Kanai’s Cube Guide explains how it works along with recipes to use in the Cube.

Kanai’s Cube Location and how to use it

First of all you need to find Kanai’s Cube. To find Kanai’s Cube, obtain it from the Ruins of Sescheron (Act 3) in Adventure Mode. The Cube is typically found in the Elder Sanctum which is located in the top right, lower left or right of the Ruins of Sescheron. Make your way through the Elder Sanctum until you find it. Click it and it will return to town and can be used indefinitely on non-Season characters. The only way to access it is by clicking the cube, or Zoltun Kulle standing beside it in town.

  • Ingredients for Kanai’s Cube recipes must be placed inside the cube. They are not pulled directly from the inventory or stash.
  • All ingredients must be correct to work and must have all ingredients. Extra ingredients will be left in the cube and returned to you when the Cube window is closed.
  • Stacks of items above the requirement can be placed in the Cube. The recipe will subtract the required amount from the total stack in the Cube.

Kanai's Cube

The Cube features three slots, weapon, armor, and jewelry. Use the Cube to extract Legendary powers without having to wear the item. It’s also worth extracting the powers as the maximum value of that power is extracted and applied to make less powerful Legendary effects more powerful. Note that once extracted, these powers do not stack should you try and wear an item with the same power.

Extract Legendary Power

This recipe destroys the legendary item and adds its legendary affix to the cube, enabling a character to enable that power through the cube and enjoy it without equipping the item. This can be done on any legendary or set item with a legendary affix (shown in orange text). Only that orange text power is extracted, not any other properties from the item, and the cube always imparts the property at its highest possible roll.

Archives of Tal Rasha

Where to find the Arreat War Tapestry

To find the Arreat War Tapestry, it needs to be obtained from a Horadric Cache which is given by Tyrael for completion of Act III bounties in Adventure Mode. This was added in Patch 2.3.0.

Reforge Legendary Item

This Kanai’s Cube recipe rerolls any legendary item, completely resetting all stats as if the item had just dropped for the first time. The odds to roll Ancient are 1/10.

Law of Kulle Recipe

Upgrade Rare Item

This Kanai’s Cube recipe allows a player to turn any level 70 Rare item into a random legendary or set item of the same type. Items purchased from vendors or gambled can be used as well as found from drops. This is best used on items that are expensive to gamble, like Amulets, or to hunt for specific legendary weapons, such as two-handed maces to attempt to create The Furnace.

Hope of Cain Recipe

Convert Set Item

Cube recipeSkull of Nilfur Recipe

This Kanai’s Cube recipe changes a set item into another random item from the same set. Intended to help players get that 5th or 6th item to complete a set when they keep finding the other items in the set, but not the one they need.

Remove Level Requirement

This Kanai’s Cube recipe lets players entirely remove the level requirement from any item, just as the Gem of Ease does when socketed into a weapon. This is of little use to Softcore players, but this will make twinking even easier for Hardcore players who could put an entire six-piece item set on at level 1 and play through the entire game on Torment 10, going from 1-70 in just minutes.

Work of Cathan Recipe

Convert Gem Type

This recipe lets a player convert 9 gems into any other type of gem and it can be used on any level of gem and only in quantities of 9. Gem Essences can be purchased from Squirt the Peddler in Act Two for 500,000 gold each.

Darkness of Radament Recipe

  • 9x any gem (same type/quality)
  • 1 Gem Essence (of the gem type you want)
  • 5 Death’s Breath

Convert Crafting Materials

This Kanai’s Cube recipe lets players convert 100 of any type of crafting material (white, blue, or yellow, but not Death’s Breath or Forgotten Souls) into 100 of white/blue/yellow material. This recipe is helpful to offset imbalances in material quantity, such as a player who has many more Veiled Crystals (yellow) and wants to convert these into blue or white materials for crafting purposes.

To craft, insert at least a 100 stack of the materials you want to change + 1 item (white, blue, or yellow) of the quality you want to change the 100 materials to. For instance, 100 Veiled Crystals + 1 magical item = 100 Arcane Dust (blue). You do not need to insert exactly 100 stack into the cube; any stack larger than 100 the game will automatically subtract 100 from.

Anger of Iben Fahd Recipe

  • 100 stack of white, blue, or yellow material
  • 1 item of the quality (white, blue, or yellow) you want to change the materials to.
  • 1 Death’s Breath

Augment Ancient Item

This can only be applied to Ancient or Primal Ancient items and is dependent on gems used alongside the Legendary gem (see recipe below).

Gems provide:

  • Amethyst – Vitality
  • Diamond – N/A
  • Emerald – Dexterity
  • Ruby – Strength
  • Topaz – Intelligence

Caldesann’s Despair Recipe

  • 1 Ancient or Primal Ancient item that you wish to augment
  • 1 Legendary gem
    • Level 30+ for augmenting weapons
    • Level 40+ for jewelry
    • Level 50+ for armor
  • 3 Flawless Royal gems (see above).

Subsequent augments can overwrite this augment and it’s worth doing if you do not plan in replacing an item for a while.

Portal: Not the Cow Level

An undocumented recipe, this one opens a portal to the Cow Level, a bonus area first introduced for Diablo 3’s third anniversary. Only one per game.

Portal: The Vault

An undocumented Kanai’s Cube recipe, this one opens a golden portal to Greed’s Domain, a bonus area where fabulous golden riches await. Slaying Greed is the only way to obtain a first Boon of the Hoarder legendary gem each new season. Once one has been found, additional Boon of the Hoarder gems may drop from Rift Guardians, same as other Legendary Gems.

Only one portal to The Vault may be opened in each game. If one is found randomly from a Goblin, this recipe can not be used in that game. Presumably using this recipe means no random Goblin will open one out in the world, though this is difficult to verify.

With further update; You can create as many portals per session to The Vault by using Puzzle Ring on the Kanai’s cube.

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