interview with Max Schaefer and Matt Uelmen

Full interview with Max Schaefer and Matt Uelmen talk more Diablo

Yesterday IGN posted a snippet of a longer interview with Max Schaefer and Matt Uelmen. In that snippet, they talked about the rumoured Diablo remaster. A longer version of that interview is now available for your viewing pleasure.

Max and Matt are currently working on Torchlight 3 at Echtra Games and this interview discusses that. There’s also more talk about their Diablo development days and the game’s legacy.

On the game and studio’s success, Max commented:

We did get decent bonuses back in the day, we shared a corporate- Pwide bonus structure with the Blizzard South guy. But, we started making Diablo 1 as an independent development house called  Condor. We were acquired by Blizzard halfway through making Diablo 1. Putting two and two together our valuation was pre-Diablo. Which is to say we were nobody.

It makes we wish we had sold out to Blizzard after the sales figures came out because what’s behind me would look a lot different. We were treated fairly at the time and we didn’t think of it at the time we had lost out on a lot of money. We were shocked and surprised that something we had made was making an impact all over the world.

Other topics include how they view ARPGs since the release of the first two games, the soundtrack influences of 70s rock, and Matt also demos the soundtrack chords on his guitar. There’s talk of game balancing, Matt’s experience as a musician, and more. Well worth a watch if you want a trip down memory lane and listen to these two masters of the ARPG.

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  1. Avalon

    People say that D3 is too colorful, TL looks like something that my 12 year old grandson would play.

    1. Rush

      The thing with TL that is decent is the gameplay. It’s a different type of atmosphere for sure but the gameplay was solid and you forget about how it actually looks.

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