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Diablo 4 Ray Tracing Update – March 26th

More visual improvements are coming very soon and just before the Game Pass launch.

Diablo 4 Ray Tracing Update - March 26thIn some techy news today courtesy of Nvidia, the Ray Tracing update for Diablo 4 is just around the corners.

I think we can all agree Diablo 4 looks pretty amazing without bells and whistles but the Ray Tracing update, which arrives on 26 March, should improve the visuals even further. With this update, armor, water, windows, and other reflective surfaces will look even better.

This is what Nvidia has to say about this update which arrives two days before Diablo 4 lands on Game Pass.

Since launch in June 2023, Diablo IV GeForce RTX gamers have been accelerating performance by 2.5X on average at 4K, thanks to the inclusion of DLSS 3. And with NVIDIA Reflex, system latency was reduced by up to 67%, for the most responsive gameplay possible.

Coming March 26th, Diablo IV content will look even better thanks to the addition of 2 ray-traced effects. Armor, water, windows, and other suitably reflective surfaces will now feature accurate, realistic ray-traced reflections and ray-traced transparent reflections, making battles in Sanctuary even more spectacular. The many shadows of Diablo IV will be enhanced with ray tracing, adding extra detail to all scenes.

I’m all in favour of anything that can improve performance and visuals so I’m looking forward to this update dropping. In case you missed it, this is the video Nvidia released a short while ago.

Watch the Ray Tracing Video

Source: Nvidia

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