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Diablo 4 loot restrictions and smart loot according to supposed leak

Diablo 4 loot restrictions

As we all know, there’s internal testing going on right now for Diablo 4 with testers under a strict NDA. However, there is some information that’s leaked out but as yet not confirmed by Blizzard regarding Diablo 4 loot restrictions.

According to a source on the current test, there will be trading limitations in play as well as smart loot. If the leak is correct, and we have no confirmation from this from Blizzard directly, unique, set, legendary or gold will not be tradeable.

Smart Loot is also back according to the source. If you are not sure what that is, it was introduced in Diablo 3, it means the game will roll item types and/or affixes suited for the class of the character that finds, crafts, or gambles the item.

Note that none of the above has been confirmed by Blizzard and things can change as testing progresses. The community is quite split on the best way to implement the loot system. Should it be restricted? Is what’s apparently being proposed the right thing to do for Diablo 4?

Diablo 2 players will be firmly in the free-to-trade anything camp, after all, trading has been one of the main reasons for its longevity. There’s also the argument that perhaps restricting loot will clamp down on third parties profiteering from trading.

Remember, this “leak” appeared on Reddit so there’s a chance this information is incorrect, and if it is, Blizzard could change their views on loot at any point during the testing and development.

True or not. there is definitely a debate to be had on this but it’s going to be almost impossible to please all players. What do you think?

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