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The Diablo Podcast Episode 1 – Welcome Back

The Diablo Podcast Episode 1 - Welcome Back

After a long break, The Diablo Podcast is back!

In this first installment hosted by HCXanth featuring Neinball and Rush, the team discusses what’s been happening in the world of Diablo. Since it’s been a while since we produced an episode, there’s chit-chat on what we’ve been up to and some reintroductions just so you know who we all are. Most of you know already but you just never know.

The team also discusses Diablo Immortal and how it’s faring, opinions on Diablo 2 Resurrected, the upcoming Diablo 3 Season, and the latest developments in Diablo 4 as we all get excited for release next year, tattoos, and more.

You can grab the audio version but it’s also available as a vidcast on Youtube with extra visuals and stuff (subscribe to the Youtube channel to be notified of new episodes). It’s great to finally be back and beaming into your ears and eyes.

Update: The podcast is now also available on iTunes. We’ve submitted the podcast to as many places as possible and it should appear on Spotify here shortly and other places such as Amazon Music and Google.

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