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Diablo 4 Interview on Rolling Stone

The audio team get some air time in this latest Diablo 4 interview.

Diablo 4 Interview on Rolling Stone

A new Diablo 4 interview has appeared on the Rolling Stone site which is worth checking out.

Most interviews focus on the gameplay and vision for Diablo 4, but this being a Rolling Stone interview, there is a little more discussion about the game’s audio. I think you’ll agree that the audio team doesn’t get enough air time when it comes to interviews.

Here’s a snip:

Ted Reedy (lead composer): It can be very abstract at the beginning. [We] want to hit the emotions of tension, fear, darkness, endless strife, madness, grotesqueness; We want to return to darkness, respect the legacy of earlier games, never be static, earn interactivity. [We] have all these concepts in our head so that when we start to respond to the art and the environment as they get filled in by the artists and the story by the narrative team, they’re just kind of in the back of our mind as we go through the creative development process.


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