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Diablo 4 Pre-Season 1 Show – Diablo Podcast / Vidcast Ep 35

The team tackles numerous issues ahead of Diablo 4 Season 1.

Diablo 4 Pre-Season 1 Show - Diablo Podcast / Vidcast Ep 35

The Diablo Podcast / Vidcast is back this week and it’s a little later than planned due to the fact I was at the Develop conference in Brighton last week pitching a new game to publishers. Apologies for the delay folks but work was calling.

Anyway, ahead of Season 1 the team has sat down to discuss everything of importance ahead of Season 1 which starts on Thursday. This week Xanth is joined by Neinball, Nerdwards, and special guest Jen from Windows Central.

So what are their thoughts? Watch now or listen in.

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Running Order

00:01:45 – News round-up.
00:19:33 – What everyone is up to pre-season 1.
00:30:30 – Season 1 thoughts.
00:53:42 – Itemisation discussion
01:13:20 – Trading?
01:25:18 – More Items discussion
01:27:00 – Super Uniques

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