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Diablo 4 DDoS Attacks Continue

Diablo 4 DDoS attacks continue this evening after a day of misery.

Diablo 4 DDoS AttackAnyone trying to get into the game on Sunday found it rather difficult. There was a Diablo 4 DDoS attack that hit the servers hard.

If there is one thing annoying about live service games it’s the fact they can be brought to their knees with something like a DDoS attack. A couple of hour ago it appeared that the attacks had stopped and some players were managing to get back into the game. Blizzard will have breathed a sigh of relief.

The bad news is that this evening it appears the attacks have started again on US servers and Blizzard has had to put out another message this evening. As far as we are aware there is no such problem in the EU at the moment.

This is extremely frustrating for players and Blizzard’s tech team but any game that’s online such as Diablo 4 is a target from individuals or groups determined to make life miserable.

Having covered gaming news for 20+ years I can’t count how many times I’ve had to write these posts for numbers games. it’s just damn annoying that it’s still hard to combat attacks like this.

As this situation is changing quickly on and off, keep an eye on the Blizzard CS Twitter feed, they are pretty quick at posting regular updates. One other thing, if you are playing Hardcore, you might want to take a break from that today.

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