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Diablo 4 coming to Steam

Blizzard decide it’s time to add Diablo 4 to Steam and it’s ready for Season 2.


Blizzard’s latest move to bring more players into the world of Diablo 4 is Steam.

That’s right, gamers who are more used to using Valve’s platform for their gaming are going to have access to Diablo 4 from 17 October in time for Season 2.

There’s no doubt player numbers have dropped off but we have seen a similar move with Overwatch 2 which was also added to Steam recently. It’s a positive move by Blizzard, there are so many gamers who use Steam for most of their gaming needs (myself included) so it makes sense to tap into that pool of players who collate their games on there.  However, it’s worth noting that Steam users will still have to have a BattleNet account to play.

We will have to see how it fares, Overwatch 2 was review-bombed like mad when it launched on the platform and you can bet the same is going to happen here. We hope not, but you know, gamers.

The Steam page is now live.

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