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Diablo 4 Campfire Chat with the Devs this Friday

The negative feedback on Patch 1.1.0a has been swift.

Friday's Developer Malignant campfire chat gets a time

This is not a Dev update. This is an informal Campfire Chat with the Devs in response to the feedback from the Diablo community regarding Patch 1.1.0a.

The feedback on the most recent Patch in preparation for Season 1 has been as negative as it has been swift. The general preception out there is that pretty much everything is getting nerfed, and the Diablo community has voiced its disapproval. The voting in our own poll on the PureDiablo Twitter page has been predominantly negative.

Earlier today, Diablo Global Community Development Director Adam Fletcher also posted on Twitter to let everyone know that they are aware of the [negative] feedback and to announce the next Campfire Chat for this Friday.

Stay tuned for further updates regarding what time the livestream will start and exactly who will be participating, as well as a Campfire Chat Recap right after the livestream.

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