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Diablo 4 Beta underway

Diablo 4 beta

For the lucky few that are testing the end-game of Diablo 4 beta emails continued to go out last night.

The beta appeared in the launcher yesterday afternoon and players are now busy testing the end-game. From what we understand there were no pre-made characters but leveling has been extremely quick.

As Blizzard has already stated, story content is not included in this test so as not to spoil the game. However, players are allowed to roam the world freely and all major cities are unlocked.

Simply put, Blizzard is wanting players to experience the combat and that higher-level content to get feedback.

It’s likely emails will continue to go out so it’s worth keeping an eye in your email boxes and spam folders if you did sign-up.

Some streamers attempted to stream the game last night but were quickly shut down but it’s going to be hard for Blizzard to stem all leaks as the beta progresses. What we are hoping is there are enough serious testers involved in this phase to actually get valuable feedback to the development team but also Blizzard really listens to the feedback from the players.

Remember testers, you are there to do a job and that job is to make sure useful feedback is provided to help shape the game into something that can appeal to all fans whether they are coming from the Diablo 2 or Diablo 3 camp.

Follow the Diablo 4 Beta

We’ll be keeping the Diablo 4 Beta Buzz page updated with the latest developments if you are wanting to track milestones for this testing period and new announcements should they come.

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