Paladin Offensive Auras

Diablo 2 PaladinPaladin Offensive Auras Explanation

The Paladin’s Offensive Auras provide all sorts of boosts to damage, attack type, elemental damage, and more.


MightRequired Level: 1
Prerequisites: None
Synergies: None.
Details: Might increases the output of all physical damage attacks by the Paladin or his party. More than one point in Might is seldom a good idea, since Concentration and Fanaticism add as much or more damage, along with other bonuses.

  • Might can be obtained from Act 2 mercenaries.

Skill Level Progression


Holy Fire

Holy-FireRequired Level: 6
Prerequisites: Might
Synergies: Holy Fire’s damage is boosted by points in the following skills.

  • Resist Fire: +18% Fire Damage Per Level
  • Salvation: +6% Fire Damage Per Level

Details: Holy Fire adds fire damage to the Paladin’s attacks, as well as dealing a few points of fire damage to every monster in range. This skill is seldom used other than as a novelty, since the damage isn’t large enough to specialize in it, even with synergies.

  • All fire damage is carried over into the ‘splash’ explosion effect of Exploding Arrows (for example from the unique bow Raven’s Claw) making this skill a far more interesting and powerful novelty.
  • The Necromancer’s Fire Golem spawns with a Fire Aura of its own.
  • All offensive auras deal their aura damage once per 3.25 seconds.
  • Holy Fire is granted by the runewords: Dragon and Hand of Justice.

Skill Level Progression

SlvlRadiusHoly Fire DamageAttack Fire DamageSlvlRadiusHoly Fire DamageAttack Fire DamageSlvlRadiusHoly Fire DamageAttack Fire DamageSlvlRadiusHoly Fire DamageAttack Fire Damage


Paladin Offensive AurasRequired Level: 6

Prerequisites: None
Synergies: None.
Details: Creates a spiky barrier around the Paladin and all in his party, reflecting huge damage back against melee, physical attackers. Has no effect against ranged or elemental attacks.

  • Thorns damage is reduced to 1/10th the listed value for PVP play.
  • Thorns is most often used by Paladins who pair it with the Conversion skill.

Skill Level Progression

SlvlRadiusThorn dmg.SlvlRadiusThorn dmg.SlvlRadiusThorn dmg.SlvlRadiusThorn dmg.

Blessed Aim

Blessed-AimRequired Level: 12
Prerequisites: Might
Synergies: None.
Details: This aura greatly increases the Attack Rating of the Paladin and all in his party. Many players spend all of their efforts on increasing their damage, while paying scant attention to their accuracy, and are quite surprised how much more effective they are when their to/hit is boosted by a Combat Shrine, or a Blessed Aim aura.

  • The Paladin receives a passive 5% bonus to his Attack Rating with each point placed in this skill. (Only for hard points, not from +skill items.)
  • Blessed Aim can be obtained from Act 2 Mercenaries in Normal and Hell difficulties.

Skill Level Progression



ConcentrationRequired Level: 18
Prerequisites: Might, Blessed Aim
Synergies: None.
Details: Concentration greatly increases the physical damage of the Paladin and all in his party. Concentration also makes hits less likely to be interrupted, which can be quite useful when swarmed, while using a slow weapon, or to enable slow-attacking minions to get in their strikes.

  • Concentration is the only aura that increases the damage of Blessed Hammer, though only 50% of the Concentration damage applies to that skill.

Uninterrupt Chance: 20%

Skill Level Progression


Holy Freeze

Holy-FreezeRequired Level: 18
Prerequisites: Might, Holy Fire.
Synergies: The damage inflicted when Holy Freeze is active is boosted by:

  • Resist Cold: +15% Cold Damage Per Level
  • Salvation: +7% Cold Damage Per Level

Details: This aura chills and slows the movement and attack speed of all enemies within range. It also deals constant cold damage, and adds cold damage to the Paladin’s attacks.

  • Holy Freeze is a very powerful enchantment, since the slowing cold can not be resisted or cured with any potions or antidotes, or even with “Cannot be frozen” equipment. Only teleporting spell casters can largely escape the discomfort of Holy Freeze.
  • Act 2 Mercenaries offer Holy Freeze, and are a quite popular hire for that reason.
  • Holy Freeze is also granted by the Doom and Ice runewords.

Skill Level Progression

SlvlRadiusSlowCold Dmg.Attack Cold Dmg.SlvlRadiusSlowCold Dmg.Attack Cold Dmg.SlvlRadiusSlowCold Dmg.Attack Cold Dmg.SlvlRadiusSlowCold Dmg.Attack Cold Dmg.

Holy Shock

Holy-ShockRequired Level: 24
Prerequisites: Might, Holy Fire, Holy Freeze
Synergies: The damage granted by Holy Shock is boosted by points in:

  • Resist Lightning: +12% Lightning Damage Per Level
  • Salvation: +4% Lightning Damage Per Level

Details: Holy Shock adds lightning damage to the Paladin’s attacks, as well as dealing a few points of lightning damage to every monster in range. This skill deals considerably more potential damage than Holy Fire, but is still not damaging enough for many Paladins to specialize in it. However, the damage is notably increased if the paladin adds a lot of points into resist lightning, making this skill more effective for common use, especially if the player is unable to find a weapon with good damage.

  • Holy Shock is granted if the Dream runeword is equipped.

Skill Level Progression

SlvlRadiusAttack Light. Dmg.Holy Shock Dmg.SlvlRadiusAttack Light. Dmg.Holy Shock Dmg.SlvlRadiusAttack Light. Dmg.Holy Shock Dmg.SlvlRadiusAttack Light. Dmg.Holy Shock Dmg.


SanctuaryRequired Level: 24
Prerequisites: Might, Thorns, Holy Fire, Holy Freeze
Synergies: Cleansing adds +7% Magic Damage Per Level, but only to the knockback damage, not to the +damage to weapon attacks.
Details: This aura only works against the Undead, but provides the Paladin with a substantial damage bonus, as well as working to push back and constantly deal holy damage to all Undead in range.

  • While Sanctuary is active, any attacks made by the player will ignore the Physical Resistances of undead (immune or not) if it is positive. This effect will only work for the one providing the aura (party members do not benefit). Sanctuary does not work on elemental resistances/immunities.
  • Steal Life/Mana items work against PI undead monsters as long as they have positive drain effectiveness.
  • Works on boss monsters and Undead SuperUniques such as Griswold and Radament, but does not work against Act Bosses.
  • The pulse damage and knockback is applied every 2 seconds to all undead units within radius. It deals magic type damage and does not bypass magic resistance. The knockback is applied regardless of immunities, however.
  • The bonus attack rating and damage vs undead is bugged and does not apply at all.


Skill Level Progression

SlvlRadiusMagic Dmg.Undead DmgSlvlRadiusMagic Dmg.Undead DmgSlvlRadiusMagic Dmg.Undead DmgSlvlRadiusMagic Dmg.Undead Dmg


FanaticismRequired Level: 30
Prerequisites: Might, Blessed Aim, Concentration
Synergies: None.
Details: Probably the most popular aura in the game, Fanaticism increases the damage, attack speed, and attack rating of the Paladin and everyone in his party.

  • The damage bonus to party members is only 50% of the bonus the Paladin himself receives, but the Attack Rating and Attack Speed bonuses are shared fully. Bowazons are especially grateful for this attack speed increase.
  • Fanaticism can not be found on Act 2 Mercenaries, but it is available as a property on some Runewords, and is highly sought after for that purpose.

Skill Level Progression

SlvlRadParty Dmg.Your Dmg.ARAtk. SpeedSlvlRadParty Dmg.Your Dmg.ARAtk. SpeedSlvlRadParty Dmg.Your Dmg.ARAtk. SpeedSlvlRadParty Dmg.Your Dmg.ARAtk. Speed


ConvictionRequired Level: 30
Prerequisites: Might, Thorns, Holy Fire, Holy Freeze, Sanctuary
Synergies: None.
Details: This aura lowers the defense and fire, lightning, and cold resistances of monsters, making it ideal to pair with an elemental weapon or skill, such as Vengeance. It’s especially useful in parties with Sorceresses and Lightning Fury Amazons.

  • This aura does not lower an enemy’s magic or poison resistance.
  • This aura will break immunities, but when doing so will only function at 1/5 its usual effectiveness.
  • Prior to the MSLE (MultiShot Lightning Enchanted) boss monster bug being fixed in v1.10, boss monsters with Conviction and MSLE was instant death for any character, no matter their hit points or resistances. Bosses with Conviction and LE, or Fire Enchanted death explosions, are still dangerous.

Radius: 13.3 yards

Skill Level Progression

SlvlDefenseMax ResistSlvlDefenseMax ResistSlvlDefenseMax ResistSlvlDefenseMax Resist