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Quest Items

Diablo 2 Quest Items
Diablo 2 quest items are found on 21 quests in the game and 11 require a specific item to complete the quest. All these quest items are unique to each quest and will vanish from your possession when the quest is complete.

Most of the quests are straightforward and follow in reasonable succession. There are quests such as Khalim’s Will in Act 3 that will require a decent amount of exploration to find each item to complete the quest.

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The Diablo 2 Quest Items

Act Quest Quest Name Item Name Item Stats/Description Special Properties
1 3 The Search for Cain Diablo 2 Deciphered Bark Scroll Scroll of Inifuss Produced from the Tree of Inifuss Right-click to read
1 5 Tools of the Trade Diablo 2 Horadric Malus Horadric Malus Hammer (Special type)
Slow Attack Rate
(150% damage to undead)
Mace Class: 1H
6-15 damage
55 durability
15 Required Dexterity
15 Required Strength
2 1 Radament’s Lair Diablo 2 Book of Skill Book of Skill Right-click to learn skill of your choice
2 2 The Horadric Staff Diablo 2 Staff of the Kings The Staff of Kings 10-15 Damage
225 Durability
35 Dex Required
25 Str Required
Staff Class: 2H
+10 All Resistances
Greatly Increased Attack Speed
Diablo 2 Viper Amulet Amulet of the Viper Top of the Horadric Staff +25% to Poison Resist
+10 to Mana
+10 to Life
2 3 Tainted Sun
2 6 The Seven Tombs Diablo 2 Horadric Staff The Horadric Staff 12-20 Damage
250 Durability
40 Dex Required
30 Str Required
Staff Class: 2H
+35% Poison Resist
+10 Cold Resst
+10 Lightning Resist
+10 Fire Resist
+10 Mana
+10 Life
Greatly Increased Attack Speed
3 1 The Golden Bird Diablo 2 Jade Figurine Jade Figurine Just what Meshif needs to add to his collection
Diablo 2 Gold Bird The Golden Bird The Golden Bird of Ku Y’leh, containing Ku Y’leh’s ashes
Diablo2 Rancid Gas Potion Potion of Life
A gift from Alkor Right-Click to Permanently Add 20 to Life
3 2 The Blade of the Old Religion Diablo 2 Gidbinn The Gidbinn 3-7 Damage
30 Durability
25 Dex Required
15 Strength Required
Dagger Class: 1H
3 3 Khalim’s Will Diablo 2 Eye Khalim’s Eye Transmute along with Khalim’s Flail to get Khalim’s Will
Diablo 2 Brain Khalim’s Brain
Diablo 2 Heart Khalim’s Heart
Diablo 2 Khalim Flail Khalim’s Flail Flail (Special Type)
1-15 Damage
150 Durability
Mace Class: 1H
1-20 Lightning Damage
+40 to Attack Rating
Greatly Increased Attack Speed
150% Damage to Undead
3 Lam Esen’s Tome Diablo 2 Lam Esens Tome Lam Esen’s Tome Lam Esen’s Tome, or The Effects of the Prime Evils on the Mortal World
3 5 The Blackened Temple Diablo 2 Super Khalim Flail Khalim’s Will Flail (Special Type)
1-15 Damage
150 Durability
Mace Class: 1H
6% Mana stolen per hit
+1-40 Lightning Damage
+40 Attack Rating
Greatly increased attack speed
+150% Damage to Undead
4 2 Hell’s Forge Diablo 2 Hellforge Hammer Hellforge Hammer Hammer (Special type)
6-16 Damage
255 Durability
Mace Class: 1H
+40% Fire Resist
+5-20 Fire Damage
+35 Defense
150% Damage to Undead
4 2 Hell’s Forge Diablo 2 Mephisto Soul Stone Mephisto’s Soulstone
5 3 Prison of Ice Diablo2 Rancid Gas Potion Malah’s Potion
5 3 Prison of Ice Diablo 2 Deciphered Bark Scroll Scroll of Resistance

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