Assassin Martial Arts Skills

Diablo 2 Assassin Martial Arts SkillsAssassin Martial Arts Skills Explanation

Intrinsic to the Assassin’s arsenal of abilities is her incredible prowess in the mysterious Martial Arts style of the Viz-Jaq’taar. Martial Arts skills come in two forms, Charge-up Skills and Finishing Moves. A Charge-up Skill is an attack that adds a “charge” for each successive hit within a short time frame. While each Charge-up attack deals normal damage, the charges continue to accumulate until triggered or until the time limit runs out. To trigger the accumulated charges, strike a monster with either a normal attack or one of the Finishing Moves. A Finishing Move doesn’t just trigger the release of the accumulated charges-it also adds a powerful effect of its own. Furthermore, by building up a succession of different Charge-up Skills, Assassins can generate a potent combination of effects. Assassins are specially trained in the use of exotic Claw-class weaponry, and some of their skills can be used only when armed with these weapons.

Tiger Strike

Required Level: 1
Prerequisites: None
Charge Up Skill: Through extensive training in human, animal, and demonic anatomies, Assassins have developed the ability to perceive natural points of weakness in their foes and target these locations for especially devastating attacks.
Synergies: None

  • Tiger Strike deals enormous physical damage when charged up at higher levels.

Mana Cost: 1

Skill Level Progression

SlvlAR +X%Lvl 1: Dmg +X%Lvl 2: Dmg +X%Lvl 3: Dmg +X%SlvlAR +X%Lvl 1: Dmg +X%Lvl 2: Dmg +X%Lvl 3: Dmg +X%SlvlAR +X%Lvl 1: Dmg +X%Lvl 2: Dmg +X%Lvl 3: Dmg +X%SlvlAR +X%Lvl 1: Dmg +X%Lvl 2: Dmg +X%Lvl 3: Dmg +X%

Dragon Talon

Required Level: 1
Prerequisites: None
Finishing Move: An Assassin is taught to utilize her entire body as a weapon-using this skill, she lets loose a powerful kick to send her opponents flying.
Synergies: None

Mana Cost: 6

Skill Level Progression

SlvlNumber of KicksKick Damage +X%AR +X%SlvlNumber of KicksKick Damage +X%AR +X%SlvlNumber of KicksKick Damage +X%AR +X%SlvlNumber of KicksKick Damage +X%AR +X%

Dragon Claw

Required Level: 6
Prerequisites: Dragon Talon
Requires: Dual claw-class weapons
Finishing Move: This skill allows the Assassin to try to finish her opponent off with a rending double claw attack.

  • Claw Mastery: +4% Damage Per Level

Mana Cost: 2

Skill Level Progression

SlvlDamage +X%AR +X%SlvlDamage +X%AR +X%SlvlDamage +X%AR +X%SlvlDamage +X%AR +X%

Fists of Fire

Required Level: 6
Prerequisites: None
Requires: Claw-class weapons
Charge-up Skill: Combining her powerful Martial Arts abilities with her psychic training, an Assassin can charge her own fists with pyrokinetic energies, scorching her opponents when the charge is released.

  • Phoenix Strike: Grants +12% Fire Damage Per Level

Mana Cost: 2

Charge: 2

Skill Level Progression

SlvlAttack +X%Charge 1 Fire DamageCharge 3 Fire DPSSlvlAttack +X%Charge 1 Fire DamageCharge 3 Fire DPSSlvlAttack +X%Charge 1 Fire DamageCharge 3 Fire DPSSlvlAttack +X%Charge 1 Fire DamageCharge 3 Fire DPS

Cobra Strike

Required Level: 12
Prerequisites: Tiger Strike
Charge-Up Skill: A properly trained Assassin can focus her mind to draw upon the ambient energies surrounding her. Using this skill, she can drain her adversary of life and spiritual essence.
Synergies: None

  • Unless she becomes surrounded by too many monsters at once, an Assassin with this skill can maintain her health and mana indefinitely without the use of potions or item-based lifesteal/mana drain.
  • Provided she can land at least two blows with Cobra Strike, the mana drain is more than sufficient to replenish the 2-6 mana cost to charge, allowing the use of this skill to perpetuate itself.

Mana Cost: 2

Skill Level Progression

SlvlAR +X%Lvl 1: Life Leech +X%Lvl 2: Life/ Mana Leech +X%Lvl 3: Life/ Mana Leech +X%SlvlAR +X%Lvl 1: Life Leech +X%Lvl 2: Life/ Mana Leech +X%Lvl 3: Life/ Mana Leech +X%SlvlAR +X%Lvl 1: Life Leech +X%Lvl 2: Life/ Mana Leech +X%Lvl 3: Life/ Mana Leech +X%SlvlAR +X%Lvl 1: Life Leech +X%Lvl 2: Life/ Mana Leech +X%Lvl 3: Life/ Mana Leech +X%

Dragon Tail

Required Level: 18
Prerequisites: Dragon Talon, Dragon Claw
Finishing Move: The experienced Assassin can deliver a kick so powerful it actually causes an explosion on impact, sending any nearby victims sprawling.
Synergies: None

  • Dragon Tail’s fire damage calculation is based off the actual physical damage receieved by the target from the Assassin’s kick. A level 2 Dragon Tail adds 60% of the physical damage delivered from the kick as fire damage. However, if the target resists physical damage by 50%, the target will receive 50% of the physical damage from the Assassin’s kick, and based off that physical damage, 60% of that will be fire damage (30%).
  • Therefore, if the target is physical immune, the Dragon Tail attack does not directly affect the target.

Mana Cost: 10

Radius: 4 yards

Skill Level Progression

SlvlFire Damage +X%AR +X%SlvlFire Damage +X%AR +X%SlvlFire Damage +X%AR +X%SlvlFire Damage +X%AR +X%

Claws of Thunder

Required Level: 18
Prerequisites: Fists of Fire
Requires: Claw-class weapons
Charge Up Skill: Using her weapon’s metal blades as conductors, an Assassin charges the ions surrounding her and delivers a devastating lightning attack to any who dare challenge her.

  • Phoenix Strike grants +8% Lightning Damage Per Level

Mana Cost: 4

Skill Level Progression

SlvlAR +X%Lvl 1: Light. Dmg.Lvl 2: Nova Dmg.Lvl 3: Bolt Dmg.SlvlAR +X%Lvl 1: Light. Dmg.Lvl 2: Nova Dmg.Lvl 3: Bolt Dmg.SlvlAR +X%Lvl 1: Light. Dmg.Lvl 2: Nova Dmg.Lvl 3: Bolt Dmg.SlvlAR +X%Lvl 1: Light. Dmg.Lvl 2: Nova Dmg.Lvl 3: Bolt Dmg.

Blades of Ice

Required Level: 24
Prerequisites: Fists of Fire, Claws of Thunder
Requires: Claw-class weapons
Charge-up Skill: Charging the ether around her claw blades, the trained Assassin can chill opponents with a vicious rake of her razors.

  • Phoenix Strike grants +8% Cold Damage Per Level

Eadius: +4 yards

Charge: 2

Skill Level Progression

SlvlAR +X%Charge 1 Cold DamageCharge 3 Freeze Duration (seconds)SlvlAR +X%Charge 1 Cold DamageCharge 3 Freeze Duration (seconds)SlvlAR +X%Charge 1 Cold DamageCharge 3 Freeze Duration (seconds)SlvlAR +X%Charge 1 Cold DamageCharge 3 Freeze Duration (seconds)

Dragon Flight

Casting Delay: 1 Second
Required Level: 24
Prerequisites: Dragon Talon, Dragon Claw, Dragon Tail
Finishing Move: After years of disciplined physical conditioning, an Assassin can develop the ability to move faster than the eye can follow in one quick burst. Using this skill, she lunges at her target and delivers a devastating kick.
Synergies: None

  • Dragon Flight will teleport you and your minions to the monster you clicked. It requires a clear line of sight; in other words, trees, walls and other obstacles will omit a Dragon Flight beyond it. Use Dragon Flight to quickly bypass rivers or to teleport you out of danger when surrounded.

Mana: 15

Skill Level Progression

SlvlAttack Rating +%Kick Damage +X%SlvlAttack Rating +%Kick Damage +X%SlvlAttack Rating +%Kick Damage +X%SlvlAttack Rating +%Kick Damage +X%

Phoenix Strike

Required Level: 30
Prerequisites: Tiger Strike, Fists of Fire, Cobra Strike, Claws of Thunder, Blades of Ice
Charge-up Skill: This mighty skill allows the Assassin trained in its arts to prepare an attack that gives off powerful elemental energies.

  • Fists of Fire: +10% Fire Damage Per Level
  • Fists of Fire: +6% Average Fire Damage Per Second Per Level
  • Claws of Thunder: +13% Lightning Damage Per Level
  • Blades of Ice: +10% Cold Damage Per Level


  • Phoenix Strike launches the active charge, not all three charges at once. So if you have it built up to Charge 2, Chain Lightning will be released.
  • Phoenix strike is a handy skill if you’re fighting around monsters with different Resistances, because you don’t need to change between skills.

Mana: 4

Skill Level Progression

SlvlAR +X%Lvl 1: Fire Dmg.Lvl 2: Light Dmg.Lvl 3: Cold Dmg.SlvlAR +X%Lvl 1: Fire Dmg.Lvl 2: Light Dmg.Lvl 3: Cold Dmg.SlvlAR +X%Lvl 1: Fire Dmg.Lvl 2: Light Dmg.Lvl 3: Cold Dmg.SlvlAR +X%Lvl 1: Fire Dmg.Lvl 2: Light Dmg.Lvl 3: Cold Dmg.