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Trading Marketplace updates – Adds shops and more

Trading Shops

A few days ago we opened the Diablo 2 Trading Marketplace and it’s been getting busier by the day. Since the launch, we have added a few new features to improve the overall experience.

The first thing we added was an easy-to-use prefix/filter system doing away with the need to type out tags like ISO, FT, PC etc. This made life a lot easier when inputting trades. These can also be used as listing filters at the top of the page.

Diablo 2 Trading Shops

The latest addition to be added is Trading Shops. Now, some of you may remember our old trading platform many years ago which allowed prolific traders to set up their own shops if they were selling a load of stuff. The new Trading Shops work in the same way and it’s good to see people starting to create shops as if they are their own vendors.

Here’s an example of Elly’s. Excuse the pun in the shop slogan 😉Elly's-Shop

The Feedback system has also been integrated into the shops to encourage safe and trustworthy trading. With a no RMT trade policy, it’s essential we keep trading safe and fair.

The PureDiablo Discord community has also been growing at quite a rate. With that in mind, the Trading Marketplace trades are also fed into the #latest-trades channel so if you’re hanging out on Discord you’ll never miss a listing.

Right now the D2R economy is still finding its feet but the addition of a separate Price Check section should help it get established. The Price Guide is also being updated to help traders get a feel for the economy.

We’re continuing to iterate on the system each day and thanks to everyone for their feedback, it’s been invaluable to creating a decent trading experience suited for today’s traders. If you’ve not used the Trading Marketplace place yet, do check it out and we hope to see your trades listed soon.

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