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BlizzCon Floor Plan updated – No Demo Areas for Diablo

With BlizzCon kicking off at the end of this week, an updated floor plan has been released by Blizzard.

Looking at the swanky more detailed floor plan, there is a notable absence of any demo stations on the plan. There’s plenty to look at but it seems that going hands-on with anything potentially new for the game is not going to be a thing.

So what does that mean for future content? Well, it could mean there’s nothing major new to show, but that does not mean we won’t hear details or an announcement of future content/expansion. That could still be done during the dev chat or as an opening ceremony announcement. We shall have to wait and see. It does seem odd that there are no demo stations even to mess about with the current game in the Diablo zone as there are on the other zones.

If you are going this week, really enjoy it and soak up the atmosphere, it’s a great event when it comes to meeting your fellow community members.

Updated BlizzCon Floor Plan

Blizzcon Map

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