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Blizzard clarifies seasonal characters

A new character every Season? Shock! Well, not really.


While this may seem obvious to Diablo players used to taking part in Diablo 3 or Diablo 2 Seasons, it has caused some confusion among new Diablo 4 players.

When a new Season kicks off players will have to start a new Seasonal character as they go on the Season journey.

Simply put, nobody gets a shortcut to Seasonal rewards. With around 80 hours required to do everything in a Season, there’s going to be plenty to do so starting anew at level 1 with new questlines, season-themed content, and more.

Of course, some gamers will be trying to race to 100 as usual and try and do everything in 5 minutes flat but the majority won’t. It is supposed to be a “journey” after all.

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