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Are Gems Weighing You Down?

An upcoming change will move gems to a different tab.

We hear you

Campfire ChatIn the first Diablo 4 Campfire Chat on June 16th, Game Director Joe Shely mentioned that the team is planning to change the way gems are stored in response to player feedback. Instead of being dropped into in the character’s inventory as they are now, gems will eventually be recategorized as crafting materials and will automatically be added to the materials tab. This, obviously, will free up much-needed inventory and stash space, and will also make gems immediately available to all characters in your roster without having to move them around.



The projected implementation for this change is with the start of Season 2, which should be around mid- to late-October. Until then, we’ll just have to make do. Remember, there’s already room for ten characters on your roster. So, if need be, you could create a gem mule in the meantime to ease up some of the storage space in your stash.

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