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ARPG heavyweights discuss the genre – Brevik, Schaefers, Wilson

arpg heavyweights Exilecon

We’ll take a trip outside the Diablo 4 sphere in this news post but I think it’s well worth it. At the moment the Path of Exile contention is taking place, ExileCon, and there are a lot of familiar faces attending.

During yesterday’s panels, a group of ARPG heavyweights came together to discuss the current state of the ARPG genre. The panel included David Brevik, Max Schaefer, Erich Shaefer, Travid Baldree, Chris Wilson, and Eric Oloffson.

As most of you know, David, Max, and Erich are the brains behind Diablo 1 and 2, and Chris Wilson who we first talked to about Path of Exile over a decade ago, was mainly inspired by their work before creating POE.

Now that Diablo 4 is out in the wild, we are seeing some of the problems the ARPG genre faces, and perhaps a lack of innovation in places. The idea behind this panel is to take a look at the genre as a whole.

Questions come from the audience and there are some good topics discussed. For instance, should a boss fight draw marks on the ground prior to an attack? No, no, no in my opinion but it’s what we currently have.

I am sure the Blizzard team will be watching ExileCon closely and will have watched this and it’s great to hear the different views on topics from the devs on the panel.

Watch the ARPG panel

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