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After the Server Slam COVID Edition – Diablo Podcast / Vidcast Ep29

The team are back after the Server Slam to discuss everything from the Battle Pass to how Diablo 4 has shaped up so far.

The Diablo Podcast / Vidcast team has reassembled following the Server Slam to share their thoughts on the game so far. Podcast team! Assemble!

As well as talking about last week’s play session, they also tackle the recent dev chat talking about Seasons and the Battle Pass. HCXanth is not feeling great as he hosts Neinball and Nerdwards. That’s right, he’s only gone and got himself some COVID-19.

Despite feeling under the weather, he manages to bring you this new episode. The people demand it so it must be done!

Watch the Diablo Vidcast

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Running Order

00:00:00 Introductions and just how excited are you?
00:05:41 The Battle Pass discussion.
00:29:15 The Waypoint
00:31:08 Seasons in Diablo 4. Zombies FTW!
00:48:38 How did the Server Slam feel? Was it better?
01:48:38 Final Thoughts

Listen to the Diablo Podcast

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