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A tour of Sanctuary’s Zones – New Videos

Some new video footage from each of the five zones is the highlight of this article.

A tour of Sanctuary's Zones

For the less initiated on Diablo 4, perhaps some of Sanctuary’s Zones still remain a mystery. If you’ve not been keeping up to speed with things on the Diablo 4 Wiki, then you can also check out this new article on Gameinformer.

Called “A Guided Tour Through The Five Regions Of Diablo 4’s Sanctuary“, the article covers the basics of the five zones and details some of the things you may find on your travels.

Most importantly though, the article features some new video footage that highlights each zone’s environment. It’s worth checking out for the videos alone as they do give a real flavour of what to expect.. Here’s a snip from the articles which includes comments from Blizzard.

“It can be really easy to fall into that doom and gloom hole of darkness all the time,” says Pink. “But if you don’t have some glimmers of life, some glimmers of hope and characters that you can actually care about, you’re like, ‘why am I putting all this effort into saving Sanctuary from Lillith if everything just sucks all the time?’ So giving you some real sparks of humanity that you can hook into as a player to emotionally connect to is super, super important to us as a team.”

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