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16 June Diablo 4 Campfire dev chat recap

The devs share some of the upcoming changes to Diablo 4

16 June Diablo 4 Campfire dev chat recap

This evening a few of the dev team gathered around the Diablo 4 campfire dev chat to share some thoughts and upcoming changes before Season 1 kicks off.

We’ll cut to the chase and covert this quickly. You have more Diablo 4 to play after all.

Diablo 4 Campfire Main Points

  • A large patch is coming prior to Season 1. Apparently, it’s 13 pages in length.
  • Nightmare Sigils will teleport you to the dungeon and will arrive in a patch. A Sigil will also be able to be used immediately after Nightmare Dungeon on completed.
  • Nightmare Dungeons will give more XP
  • Normal dungeons have been nerfed and made easier to push players to the endgame Nightmare Dungeons.
  • The intention of Nightmare Dungeons is to make them great places to farm.
  • Blighted Cropse explosion will be fixed. It’s bug.
  • Hardcore players who have the Scroll of Escape when they disconnect will transfer them to town as a safety measure from disconnections. This is due for Season 2
  • For Seasons, there will be no need to gain renown from map exploration and Altars. These gains players have already received are transferred to the new character.
  • World Boss Caches in World Tier 4 will be fixed as currently level 80 is required to get them open, Players will be able to open their cache rewards. This is coming in that big patch,
  • Mentioned already this week, Druids will have loot tables fixed so they get more Unique drops for the Druid class.
  • No gem tab is planned but plan to move gems into the materials tab
  • Cap levels will be increased for materials. This is coming before Season 1.
  • Most players have not yet completed the campaign as yet.
  • Season 1 content is mostly ready to go.
  • More experience from Elites is planned for Season 1
  • They are looking to improve the wardrobe and have more character customization options.

These are the main points but if you want to hear more about the details watch the full session below.

Watch the chat

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