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Zoom level option being added in Season 4

If you thought everything was a little to close, you can change that soon.

Keen-eyed viewers of today’s developer chat will have noticed something a little different. The zoom level.

During the stream, there was footage showing a more zoomed-out view and it’s been confirmed that players will be able to adjust the zoom level via a slider.

When starting the game it will be at the current standard zoom level but it can be adjusted to be more zoomed out. This is a welcome change because I have always found the zoom level just a little too tight.

There has also been some debate about the zoom level being too zoomed in causing players to fall asleep. While I have no evidence for that, it could be possible. Any experts feel free to chime in on that 🙂

In the shot below you can see the zoom level is further out than we are used to. This is much better and closer to what we see in previous Diablo games.

Zoom Level Zoomed out

zoom level
The more zoomed-out view.

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