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The Gauntlet week 2 starts today and exploits need fixing

The reset is today but there are issues that should be fixed before launch.

The Gauntlet week 2 starts today and exploits need fixing

We are one week into The Gauntlet (see Gazerrick’s review) and it’s been a wild ride that has seen a couple of exploits surface and used by some players.

As these have already been highlighted and are likely to be patched out in today’s update, the leaderboards are probably not fully representative of top-ranking performance.

Two exploits that surfaced include the ability to jump into the Gaunlet via a TP before it starts and the other is a Sorcerer channeling Shrine snapshot.

These will give an advantage to players and Blizzard was notified about these problems. We are expecting Blizzard to rejig the leaderboards should top-ranked players be found to have used any of these quirks. There’s nothing official on that as yet but they are probably on that. This first week could probably be seen as a test run while these kinds of issues are fixed.

Rob has a decent video explaining what went on and as the new Gauntlet is about to start, here’s what’s been happening.

If we hear anything about leaderboard changes following week one we’ll let you know. In the meantime, you can check out Week 2’s map.

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