Diablo 2 Guide: Concentrate Barbarian

Introduction Things have changed drastically in the world of Sanctuary over the past few months. With the coming of the 1.10 patch, virtually everything we previously knew about how to construct powerful characters has changed, and the developers have introduced us to many new challenges. As a result, there have been frequent requests in the forums for strong and stable builds that are fully capable of surviving the harsh new environment in which we play….

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Diablo 2 Guide: The Shredsin (WhirlWind)

1. Introduction Hi, my name is Tragics. I play on US WEST Ladder, and my current assassin is level 90 and climbing. I have experimented with more than five assassins and at last concocted a most successful recipe which I am quite pleased with, which is called the Whirlwind Shredsin. While the PvP WWsin seems to be more popular and talked about I strongly prefer to focus more of my time on the PvM WWsin. Earlier,…

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