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Spotlight on the Butcher – New Blizzard Video

Fresh Meat! That one phrase haunts every Diablo player.


The Butcher has been a part of Diablo right from the start. Who can forget the moment when he came bounding into the dungeon shouting “Fresh Meat”.

A new video from Blizzard discusses this iconic creature from the Diablo series in a new video called Rise of the Butcher. Of course, he now haunts every Diablo 4 dungeon run because he has a tendency to appear at the most inopportune moment. There has been a lot of swearing and shouting at the screen when he’s appeared in my dungeons.

From the video, it sounds like Blizzard has more plans for The Butcher in future seasons. Perhaps he’s going to pop up in new places? He’s also a “concept” which means there’s not a single Butcher per say so perhaps multiple Butchers are going to appear at once. Oh Noes!

Let’s face it though, we all love him really.

Watch the Rise of the Butcher

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