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Rod Fergusson talks Diablo 4 in new interview

What’s on Rob’s mind? A new interview attempts to find out.

Rod Ferguson Diablo 4 Interview

Diablo 4‘s development had its ups and downs and Rod Fergusson came in to steady the ship To find out more about his thoughts on the game, Windows Central pinned him down for an interview.

Jen Young, who has previously been on the Diablo Podcast with us, talked to Rob about numerous topics including the game’s arrival on Gamepass, whether he thought Diablo could make it on the silver screen, and community feedback on previous Seasons heading into Season 4. Here’s a snip on that very subject:

“Diablo is all about living in a power fantasy. And so you go in and you’re trying to be ‘Yo, I want to be this raging Barbarian. And I want to have all this power, and I’m looking for this type of weapon, I want to be a dual-wielding barbarian, and trying to find the perfect piece all the time starts to slow you down, and becomes an issue where now you’re like, “oh, I have to stop and like look through these six things that fell on the ground. Is that the one I’m looking for with the perfect amount of cooldown reduction?” Or movement speed? Or whatever it is you’re looking for.”

Read the full interview here and a second part is coming next week according to Jen. Stay tuned for that.

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