Microstar Software Settles Lawsuit For Violation Of Blizzard Entertainment’s End-user License Agreement

Microstar to stop distribution and sale of Stellar Forces, an unauthorized add-on disk for Blizzard’s number-one selling StarCraft

IRVINE, Calif., Nov. 9, 1998 – As part of a legal victory that sends a strong message to publishers of unauthorized computer game add-on disks, Blizzard Entertainment announced today that Microstar Software has agreed to immediately cease the distribution and sale of Stellar Forces, an unauthorized add-on disk for Blizzard’s game, StarCraft. Microstar further agreed to destroy all remaining product in inventory. Additionally, Microstar will pay an undisclosed amount in settlement to Blizzard.

“Blizzard filed this suit to prove that end-user license agreements are indeed enforceable,” said Paul Sams, vice president of business development for Blizzard Entertainment. “We as a publisher have the right to control who uses our content and for what purposes. We will continue to aggressively defend our properties, so we can prevent the makers of unauthorized products from misleading our customers and damaging the Blizzard label.”

Said Stephen Benedict, president of Microstar, “We regret our decision to release the product and any harm to the Blizzard label or StarCraft franchise that our actions may have caused.”

Microstar released Stellar Forces, a collection of levels and missions created with StarCraft’s Campaign Editor, in May of this year following Blizzard’s release of StarCraft on March 31. Microstar distributed the product for retail sale, despite Blizzard’s end-user license agreement that
explicitly prohibits the commercial exploitation of StarCraft’s Campaign Editor or materials created with the Campaign Editor.

Best known for the number-one selling Warcraft series and the blockbuster hits StarCraft and Diablo, Blizzard Entertainment is a premier publisher of entertainment software and a division of Cendant Software, subsidiary of Cendant Corporation.”

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