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Gauntlet Patch 1.3.3 Known Issues

Nothing major but worth noting these have been spotted in advance.

Patch 1.3.3 Known Issues

A short post from Adam Fletcher highlights a few Patch 1.3.3 known issues that will appear in today’s 1.3.3 patch which launches later today.

We have a list of a few known issues in 1.3.3 for Gauntlet that will be addressed in a future patch in the coming week.

  • Leaderboard filtering amongst ‘Friends’ on Solo can lead to a blank or empty page.
  • Leaderboard filtering amongst ‘Clans’ or ‘Friends’ can lead to a single entry only.

We want to make sure players know that these are not working correctly, and will be addressed shortly.

Nothing too major there but there are probably a few other things that have slipped through the net that will be discovered once we get our hands on the patch later today.

If you need to brush up on The Gauntlet or Leaderboards, check out Gauntlet page for all the details.

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