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Harlequin Crest

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Harlequin Crest is a unique Helm that can be equipped by all classes and has a very small chance (0.5%) to drop from Elite monsters level 55 and above and will always drop at an item power of 925.

To target farm the Harlequin Crest head to the level 100 dungeon Gaping Crevasse (Map) near to Gea Kul to face The Echo of Duriel or defeat The Echo of Andariel in the Hanged Man's Hall (Map).

Further reading: "Everything you would ever want to know about the Harlequin Crest" by Gazerrick.


Harlequin Crest

"This headdress was once worn by an assassin disguised as a court mage. Her treachery was unveiled, but not before she used its magic to curse the king's entire lineage." - The Fall of House Aston

Type: Ancestral Unique Helm
Class: All Classes

Description: Gain 20% Damage Reduction. In addition, gain +4 Ranks to all Skills.

    Affixes: (Item Power 925)
    • +1,528 Maximum Life
    • 7.0% Cooldown Reduction
    • 12.0% Resource Generation
    • +28 All Stats

    Unique Items