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Diablo 4 Season 3 Guide: Season of the Construct

Season 3 1

Diablo 4 Season 3: Season of the Construct runs from 23 January 2024 and features a new questline as well as new gameplay mechanics. Below you can find information on all the new features for Season 3 in our Diablo 4 Season 3 Guides.


Season 3 Guide Story Overview

Season 3 takes Diablo 4 players to Khejistan, specifically below the sands to the Vaults of Zoltan Kulle. Discovering the Vaults, players will free Zoltan Kulle’s companion, Ayuzhan, who toiled away there creating the Black Soulstone to trap and hold the Great Evils.

The Vaults are now controlled and ruled over by Malpha, a servant of Diablo, he’s shapeless, manipulates others, and takes on the form of others.

Inside this underground world is the Loom, a device created by Zoltun Kulle and his companion Ayuzhan but now controlled by Malphas and his hordes of mechanical constructs.

Adventurers will now head into these Vaults, discover their mysteries, and ultimately defeat Malphas.

At the start of the Season, players begin their adventure in Gea Kul where they learn about the Constructs and the Vaults. On meeting Ayuzhan, players will also learn about the Seneschal Construct, a new companion for Season 3.

Zoltun Kulle 010 1Seneschal Construct Overview

One of the main features of Season 3 is the addition of a mechanical companion called the Seneschal Construct that will follow players throughout the Season

The Seneschal will also be aiding players by adding in combat either in a defensive or offensive role. They can also be augmented with special powers via Governing and Tuning Stones. These Stones when combined can create some amazing effects.

Governing Stoned and Tuning Stones Overview

These special stones are used the augment the power of the Seneshal Construct and are discovered by players as they undertake the Season 3 questline or completing Vaults.

Two Governing Stones can have their powers augmented by up to three Tuning Stones each.

Players can level these Stones or collect and craft duplicates to fuse to level up the stones.

The Gatehall - Season 3: Season of the Construct Shots
The Gatehall

Vaults Overview

Vaults are a new special type of Dungeon in Season 3. These Vaults can be found throughout Sanctuary and contain enemy Constructs and deadly traps. Players need to defeat all the Constructs and avoid the traps as best they can.

Once inside a Vault, players will be able to receive a blessing of Zoltun’s Warding by redeeming Pearls of Warding at Zoltun Kulle’s statue which they discover inside the Vaults. This blessing stacks and one hit by a trap will mean you lose 1 Zoltun’s Warding blessing.

Arcane Tremors Overview

Arcane Tremors are Season 3’s overworld event type. These events take place near entrances to Vaults and players need to vanquish the enemy Constructs who have left the Vaults to invade the overworld.

Players will need to collect Cores and redeem them at a brazier in order to summon a boss, in this case, the Heralds of Malphas. These events are important as players acquire Pearls of Warding to use in the Vaults.

The Gauntlet Overview

The Gauntlet is a new weekly dungeon challenge similar to set dungeons in Diablo 3, Each week the dungeon will have the same layout before being reset and replaced by a new dungeon.

The very best players will have their names recorded in the Hall of the Ancients. Progressing through these Gauntlet challenges will also help rank on the Leaderboards.

Leaderboards Overview

Leaderboards track the weekly Gauntlet dungeons which are reset each week. There are different types of Leaderboards covering classes, solo, party, hardcore, and more.

Each Leaderboard consists of a ladder that players will climb and try and achieve the high-status Seal of the Worthy.

The top players from each week’s Leaderboard will be displayed in the permanent Leaderboard called the Hall of the Ancients.

More Diablo 4 Season 3 Guides are also being updated continually in the Diablo 4 Wiki as the Season progresses.


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