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Diablo 4 Hotfix for Potent Blood – UPDATE

This Diablo 4 Hotfix should resolve some bugs affecting Potent Blood drops and Season Journey progression.

Diablo 4 Hotfix


Adam Fletcher posted an update on his Twitter page regarding today’s Hotfix. The bug fix for the Potent Blood drops from Blood Fountains has been rolled out. However, the fix for the Season Journey progression locks will require more time to resolve and should roll out sometime next week. The issue regarding the drop rates for Aberrant Cinders is still up in the air with no projected completion date at this time. We’ll continue to update this article as progress is made.

This hotfix is currently being deployed and will take a couple hours at the time of this post to hit all users.


  • Adjusted Blood Wells so players can obtain Potent Blood that may fall within them. This is a temporary fix until we adjust this further in a future client patch.


Adam Fletcher, Associated Director of Community, recently posted a notice on his Twitter page about a Diablo 4 Hotfix that is expected to drop on November 10th. This update will address a bug that prevents players from retrieving Potent Blood that drops from Blood Fountains. Not a huge issue considering that these fountains often drop less than ten Poten Blood, but it’s certainly been an annoyance.

The hotfix should also resolve some Season Journey pregession locks, such as the Season objectives that involve Pacts failing to register even though the objective was completed. Many players have been blocked from accomplishing the 100% completion achievement as a result.

Please sound off in the comments section below if these issues persist so we can provide feedback accordingly.

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