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There is no Diablo 4 Cow Level. Or is there?

Does a Diablo 4 Cow Level exist? There are clues that could indicate it does.

I’ll admit this has been playing on my mind since the game launched. Sad I know. Anyway, there has to be a secret Diablo 4 Cow Level somewhere right? It would be hugely disappointing if there wasn’t, Fans demand it.

The theorizing has begun with numerous Reddit posts popping up as the community desperately hunts around for a secret cow level.

Of the two theories that are being tackled at the moment is the most promising. It follows a path from four cows at the fountain in Ked Bardu where only one offers an interaction dialogue, the one facing east. The others have the following entries in the game files:

“actor_twn_step_kedbardu_fountainpuzzle_oxstatue_01.stl”: {
“Name”: “Oxen God of the North”
“actor_twn_step_kedbardu_fountainpuzzle_oxstatue_02.stl”: {
“Name”: “Oxen God of the West”
“actor_twn_step_kedbardu_fountainpuzzle_oxstatue_03.stl”: {
“Name”: “Oxen God of the South”

The entry for the Oxen God of the East reads:

“actor_twn_step_kedbardu_sign_oxengod.stl”: {
“Name”: “Oxen God of the East”,
“NoticeSignText”: “The Oxen Gods stand as guardians to this sacred fountain. It is said that one who presents a worthy offering cleansed in these waters may gain their blessing.”

Diablo 4 Cow Level

There also appears to be a reference to what could be Wirt’s Leg which is apparently tied to a secret cellar. Along with the reference to Wirt, there is also a secret key for said cellar and a metal fragment that could be a reference to the Horadric Cube.

“quest_world_secretcellar.stl”: {
“Name”: “Unknown”

“item_world_secretcellar_key.stl”: {
“Name”: “Strange Key“,
“Description”: “A large metal key. Though it appears ordinary, you feel that it has some kind of power.”,
“Flavor”: “Who knows what this could unlock?”
1048494725 ” tem_world_secretcellar_relic_1.stl”: {
“Name”: “Bloody Wooden Shard“,
“Description”: “A worn, bloodstained chunk of wood with tattered leather straps. The letter \”W\” has been crudely carved on one side.”,
“Flavor”: “Though its purpose is lost to time, this was once an object of great significance.”
1398161639“item_world_secretcellar_relic_2.stl”: {
“Name”: “Musty Tome“,
“Description”: “The tattered leather binding of an old tome. The deep blue dye has faded with age, and all of the pages have been torn out.”,
“Flavor”: “Though its purpose is lost to time, this was once an object of great significance.”
1769453156“item_world_secretcellar_relic_3.stl”: {
“Name”: “Intricate Metallic Fragment“,
“Description”: “A metallic fragment of unknown origin, still humming with magical energies. It appears to be part of some ancient device.”,
“Flavor”: “Though its purpose is lost to time, this was once an object of great significance.”

As it’s secret, nobody has found it so the plot thickens. However, the community is on the case and a google doc is now up and running to try and track the solving of this puzzle.

Is there a cow level? We’ll keep an eye on progress as the super sleuth continue their work.

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