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Diablo 4 Blood Harvest Cosmetics

Blood Harvest Featured

The Diablo 4 Blood Harvest blood drive event concluded recently and the goal of collecting 666 pints of blood was successfully achieved thanks to all of the devoted Diablo fans who contributed.

All players have now been rewarded with the following cosmetics, which are available from the in-game wardrobe and stable master:

Tier 1:

  • Dagger – Bloodpetal Anlace
  • Axe – Bloodpetal Sever
  • Necro Offhand – Bloodpetal Heart
  • Sword – Bloodpetal Blade
  • Druid Staff – Bloodpetal Bludgeon

Tier 2: The Loch Raeth Maor Barbarian armor set.

Tier 3: Vermilion Eye Piebald mount.


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