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Campfire Chat incoming for The Gauntlet

We’ll know a lot more about The Gauntlet very soon with special dev team chat.

Leaderboard Gauntlet Ranks

Some Gauntlet and Leaderboard news is coming in full detail very soon according to Adam Fletcher.

After a couple of false starts on the announcement date for The Gauntlet and Leaderboards, we will know more very soon according to Blizzard. A campfire chat is now on their schedule and we’ll be getting a date for that next week.

Next week we will be announcing a date and time for a Campfire Chat that will fully focused on showcasing the Gauntlet and our mid-season updates. The mid-season update will bring lots of class updates and will be in the same update as the Gauntlet.

It’s looking like the Leaderboards will be with us in Season 3 no problem and it’s good to see some more tweaks are in the pipeline for classes too.

In my opinion, it’s better to get The Gaunlet fully polished and fleshed out before releasing it to avoid any community backlash if it’s broken or incomplete. If Blizzard has learned anything from Diablo 4 updates, it’s better to get it right and avoid the stream of social posts saying, “I’m quitting”.

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